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From all of us to all of you, thank you for volunteering or playing in the 2014 season!

Your Ontario District 2 Board
Left to Right: Ken Allen (District Umpire Consultant), Jim Dean (District Administrator), Paul O'Kane (Preisdent, Kanata LL), Pete Loyen (President, Ottawa West LL), Bruce Campbell (President, East Nepean LL)


At the end of every summer season, the playoffs run into a problem with player availability, mostly due to hockey tryouts, vacations or soccer. It's not a new problem and it is not likely going to change any time soon. The problem really hits home when we have a night like Thursday in which most games are rained out and we have to reschedule on the fly. A number of teams did as suggested and rescheduled for Friday. A few others went into Saturday and Sunday. That is great and a big THANK YOU for your cooperation in keeping the playoffs on schedule.

It is important to wrap up the season before before next Thursday. Otherwise we are into the Labour Day long weekend and then September. We have less and less usable daylight. We have a number of volunteers who are begging for the season to end, and with school starting up there will be a bunch more extra-curricular activities to compete with.

I understand the hockey-tryouts thing. I think hockey is being a little unreasonable when they say a player may not miss even one try-out. But I am well aware of the importance of hockey in this country and the importance of hockey to many players and families. (For that matter, while I am a baseball guy first and foremost, I myself play old-guy hockey three times a week starting in September and I hate to miss even a single game.) So if a team is missing players, we do allow call-ups in the play-offs.

Could we be even more accommodating? Probably not. One year not long ago we had to have a Kanata team play a South Ottawa team in a playoff. Both had hockey tryouts -- but on different nights of the week. We have learned that the best we can do is stick to the original schedule, hope that call-ups can be used, or allow a team to gracefully withdraw from the playoffs. Otherwise, we would be accused of favouritism towards a league or team. We certainly can't accommodate a team who got rained out on Thursday and then said that they can only play on Wednesday the following week.

I am even less forgiving towards vacation or soccer. We are in the baseball business. So forgive us a bit of grumpiness when families choose soccer over baseball playoffs. Many volunteers put in much time and effort to provide baseball. We do it well. Every vacation day I take from May thru August (which is most of my total annual vacation) gets donated to Little League Baseball. My anniversary is in August, and I still owe my wife a trip from our 25th -- 4 years ago. I'm not paid to be a DA, and I do not have children in the Little League system. I do this for the good feelings I get from it, and for *your* children, not mine. I believe many of the city's LL volunteers can say similar things to what I have just said. If someone chooses vacation or soccer over baseball, that is their right, but don't expect us to hold up our playoff schedule for those reasons.

In closing, I thank all the volunteers - President, Conveners, Coaches, Umpires and Parents and others - who do what they do for Little League Baseball. Let's see if we can't get this season to bed as quickly as possible so we can all relax - or start playing hockey. :- ) If your game was rained out on Thursday, we expect you to have it made up before Monday so that we may continue with the schedule as written. (Possible exception for Seniors, given the diamond shortage). We ask for cooperation and flexibility when your Convener does the best he or she can to schedule games.

Good luck the rest of the way,

Jim D.


The longest Tournament Season I can recall has finally come to an end for me. I thought that meant I would have some time to spend on Summer Interlock, but alas that has not been so as my "real" job has interfered. I have received many questions about the playoffs, most of which I have not answered due to lack of time, and because many of the answers are in the Interlock Rules document, where people should have looked in the first place. (Hint). Here is what you need to know:

  1. Conveners are in charge of playoff scheduling.
  2. All Summer Interlock playoffs are single-elimination. Standard 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5 bracket, with byes where there are fewer than 8 teams.
  3. In tiers with more than 7 teams, we split into an A-side and a B-side. The choice of the split is up to the Convener. I recommend, but do not demand:
    • Teams winning more than they lost "should probably" be on the A-side
    • Teams losing more than they won "should probably" be on the B-side
    • Teams that had the same number of wins and ties can go to either side
    • Teams that played in Provincials or higher "should almost certainly" go on the A-side, regardless of wins and losses
    • Teams that changed tiers during the season can be positioned on whichever A-side or B-side as the Convener feels it makes sense
  4. In most cases, there will be no arguing about standings.
    • All teams make the playoffs. Repeat that to yourself as many times as needed.
    • Standings are by points, not winning percentage.
    • If you missed games due to Provincials, we will make sure you are on the correct side. That is why ties are assigned for those missed games. But teams who were not as fortunate deserve recognition, too.
    • As long as the team ends up on the correct A-side or B-side when there is a split, I do not want to waste my energy arguing about 3rd vs 4th, or whatever.
    • With August running out, schedule is more important than location. Therefore, "Home" is not as big a deal as one may think. A team may actually play a 'home' game at the other team's park if the home park is not available. Yes, a 'home' team would now have to drive, but now the 'away' team would now have to supply the bases, baseballs, and umpires.
    • If the bracket has something crazy like a team from Casselman playing a team from Perth, Conveners are permitted to re-arrange the bracket to something that makes more sense. So all your arguing about standings will have been for naught.
    • "Byes" are not a huge deal either. If we had 8 teams, there would be no byes. If we have 4 teams there would be no byes. Byes are a by-product of the number of teams, not your team's prowess. If you don't get a bye you think you deserve, think of it as "Oh boy, more baseball!" Repeat that to yourself as necessary.
  5. Schedule
    • As above, August is running out.
    • Due to earlier sunsets than a month ago, I recommend 5:30 starts when possible where there are no lights.
    • We will try to make sure no team plays more than twice in a week. This is NOT a guarantee.
    • If you can't field a team, you are welcome to politely excuse yourself from the playoffs.
    • Not having your star pitcher(s) available is NOT a reason to cause delay in the schedule.
  6. Other
    • Winning teams are asked to enter their results at the D2 web site ASAP after the game, and include the losing team's score.
    • Losing teams are not required to enter their results (they can if they want) because there are no more games to play for them, so pitching & participation records don't matter.
    • Conveners should be taking team photos of BOTH teams at every FINAL game. Please help them out. If you take some, send them in and I will use the best ones on the web site.


Before you can do anything, you need (a) an account, and (b) to be on your team's contact list.

Head Coaches should ask their Convener to assign them as the Head Coach of his/her particular team. If you do not already have a D2 web site account, he/or she will make it for you.

Head Coaches can then add Assistant Coaches, Team Admin, and Scorekeeper. Any of those people should be able to add the roster and enter game results.

Checking your contact info: Please check if the emails and phone numbers for you are correct. If you need to change, you can change info yourself by clicking on the 'Edit' link next to your name (on any Contacts page you appear on). Your account name is shown at the top of the page, and is normally the first initial of your first name and your last name, eg: jdean, but thare are exceptions. If you have forgotten your password, you can click the "I forgot my password!" button at the bottom of your page. This will send an email to the address list in your profile, with a link and instructions to reset your password. If that info is no good, you will need yout Convener's help to set it. Due to a 'gotcha' in the system, never try to change your password and your contact data at the same time. Do password first, submit it, then do the data change, and submit it. Or vice versa.

Adding asst coaches and score keepers etc: Once the head coach is added, he/she can add asst coaches and their info by clicking on 'add first asst coach'. This takes you to a page with a filter that lets you search for accounts already on the D2 system. You can enter first or last name in the search filter.(For ex: if I enter 'Adams' and press filter it lists 'Clark Adams' and 'Matthew Adams'.) if the name/account does not exist, you will need to add a new user account, (Click the "Add New User" link, follow the instructions on that page, and then return to the filter box and button and try again. You should now be able to assign the person as an assistant coach. Repeat these steps for other team roles as well. Remember when you add a new user, please always use the first letter of their first name, and last name as the account name. If there are name conflicts, (i.e Andrew Smith and Anthony Smith), you may use extra letters such as antsmith for the second Smith. When adding adults' contact info, use their whole first name in the First Name box. When adding youths to your roster, we will ask you to use only first initials. This helps protect our children.

Adding players to your roster: As above you can add players to the roster. From your team's page, click the "Edit/View Roster" link. For players who already played in spring or summer interlocks their names should be in the system already. All you need to do for them is to search for their name, select them and assign the jersey # and save. Please mark all kids as eligible to pitch, unless the kid is an overage player playing in a lower division.(eg. a 15 yr old in a 13-14 division). If a player is not listed, you need to add the player first into the system before adding to the roster. You will need their DOB as well in order to add their names into the system. This is needed to confirm age eligibility. Rosters need to be locked before you can enter game results. Rostered players need to have uniform numbers in order for the roster to be locked. You can use bogus numbers and change them later, even when the roster is locked.

How to enter your game results will be posted in a day or two.

 2014-05-22: BAT CLARIFICATION: Apparently there is some confusion about which bats are illegal and which aren't.

Forget what you have heard at some clinic you attended, or from your local sports store, or read on a web site somewhere. The only thing relevant is Official Rule 1.10.

1.10 - The bat must be a baseball bat which meets Little League specifications and standards as noted in this rule. It shall be a smooth, rounded stick and made of wood or of material and color tested and proved acceptable to Little League standards.

Little League (Majors) and below: it shall not be more than thirty-three (33) inches in length nor more than two and one-quarter (2 and 1/4) inches in diameter. Non-wood bats shall be labeled with a BPF (bat performance factor) of 1.15 or less.
EXCEPTION: Little League (Majors) and below, for regular season play and Tournament, composite barrel bats are prohibited unless approved by Little League International. A list of approved and licensed composite barrel bats can be found on the Little League website at

Intermediate (50-70) Division and Junior League: it shall not be more than 34 inches in length; nor more than 2 5/8 inches in diameter, and if wood, not less than fifteen-sixteenths (15/16) inches in diameter (7/8 inch for bats less than 30") at its smallest part. All composite barrel bats shall meet the Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) performance standard, and such bats shall be so labeled with a silkscreen or other permanent certification mark. The certification mark shall be rectangular, a minimum of a half-inch on each side and located on the barrel of the bat in any contrasting color. If a 2 and 1/4 barrel bat has no composite materials, it may be used provided it is labeled with a BPF (bat performance factor) of 1.15 or less. (NOTE: Solid wooded barrel bats do not require a BPF label.)

Senior/Big League: it shall not be more than 36 inches in length, nor more than 2 5/8 inches in diameter, and if wood, not less than fifteen-sixteenths (15/16) inches in diameter (7/8 inch for bats less than 30") at its smallest part. The bat shall not weigh, numerically, more than three ounces less than the length of the bat (e.g., a 33-inch-long bat cannot weigh less than 30 ounces). All bats not made of a single piece of wood shall meet the Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) performance standard, and such bats shall be so labeled with a silkscreen or other permanent certification mark. The certification mark shall be rectangular, a minimum of a half-inch on each side and located on the barrel of the bat in any contrasting color. Aluminum/alloy and composite bats shall be marked as to their material makeup being aluminum/alloy or composite. This marking shall be silkscreen or other permanent certification mark, a minimum of one-half-inch on each side and located on the barrel of the bat in any contrasting color.

In all divisions, wood bats may be taped or fitted with a sleeve for a distance not exceeding sixteen (16) inches (18 inches for Intermediate (50-70) Division/Junior/Senior/Big League Baseball) from the small end. A non-wood bat must have a grip of cork, tape or composition material, and must extend a minimum of 10 inches from the small end. Slippery tape or similar material is prohibited.

NOTE 1: Intermediate (50-70) Division/Junior/Senior/Big League: The 2 and 3/4 inch in diameter bat is not allowed in any division.

NOTE 2: The traditional batting donut is not permissible.

NOTE 3: The bat may carry the mark "Little League Tee Ball."

NOTE 4: Non-wood bats may develop dents from time to time. Bats have cracks or sharp edges, or that cannot pass through the approved Little League bat ring for the appropriate division must be removed from play. The 2 and 1/4 inch bat ring must be used for bats in the Tee Ball, Minor League and Little League Baseball divisions. The 2 5/8 inch bat ring must be used for bats in the Intermediate (50-70) Division, Junior, Senior and Big League divisions of baseball.

NOTE 5: An illegal bat must be removed. Any bat that has been altered shall be removed from play. Penalty -- See Rule 6.06(d).

Jim's note: There is no "drop 3" requirement for Junior and below. However, in the case of composite bats at any level, if they have a BBCOR stamp as they must, then they won't have a drop bigger than 3, so don't worry about it. The message is that we aren't looking for "drops". We are looking for composite barrel bats to have a BBCOR label.

And one more thing from
Can a bat with a 2 1/4 inch barrel be used in Junior League Baseball and Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Division?
Yes, but not all 2 1/4 inch bats can be used. If a bat's barrel has no composite materials in it, it may be used in the Junior League Baseball and the Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Divisions, provided it is labeled with a BPF (bat performance factor) of 1.15 or less, and meets the standards for length, handle diameter, etc. (NOTE: Solid wooden barrel bats do not require a BPF label). But if the bat has composite materials in the barrel, a 2 1/4-inch barrel MAY NOT be used; only a 2 5/8-inch BBCOR bat may be used. This means you may not use a BBCOR approved 2 and 1/4 composite bat, if there is such a thing.

 2010-03-30: WHAT LEAGUE AM I IN?: We get this question from new Little League families quite a bit. To help answer this question, I have put together a map of the Little League boundaries for District 2 (Ottawa West out to Arnprior) and District 6 (Ottawa East out to Hawkesbury). It's a Google Map, so you can zoom in to your residence and discover which boundary it lies inside. You can click this link or click the "see more here..." link, and find out what your League is, and get its web site address as well. see more here...

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