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 2015-03-29: COUNT-DOWN TO COACH AL! Always well-received, LL Canada National Coach Al Herback is coming back for another of his amazing "Teaching for Tomorrow" Clinics. Details below.

Little League Ontario Districts 2 and 6
(Coaches from other districts are welcome to attend)
Clinic Information
City: Ottawa, Ontario
Date(s): Friday - Saturday, April 17 - 18, 2015
Gym Location: Canterbury High School
900 Canterbury Avenue

Junior Program (ages 13 thru 14)
Friday 5:30 pm registration -- 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Learning the Game (ages 4 thru 6)
Saturday 8:30 am registration -- 9:00 am to noon

Playing the Game (ages 7 thru 12)
Saturday 12:30 pm registration -- 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Heart of Little League Canada

Click here to get details for the Junior clinic.

Click here to get details for the T-Ball thru Major clinics.

These coaching clinics are recommended for all managers, coaches & parents. They are provided complimentary to leagues courtesy of Little League Baseball Canada, the Little League Foundation of Canada, and your local District Association. The only expectation of you is to bring your enthusiasm, a ball glove, athletic wear, runners or turf shoes, and a non-perishable food item that will be given to the local food bank courtesy of Little League & Teaching for Tomorrow! Join our National Coach, Al Herback, who will bring the program to life for you! Manuals and DVDS for each session will be available at the clinics.

Jim Dean -
Bill Magnus -

 2015-03-29: UMPIRE TRAINING: Please see the following schedule and contact your league as required:


Here is an update to the previously posted tenative dates for Districts, after proposed dates for the World Series and Canadians have been confirmed. The changes from the previous table are in Intermediate and Senior. The others are unchanged. Changes after today are still possible, but not that likely.


Our situation is critical. We need umpires or we can't play. We are fortunate to have a lot of players who can make a little bit of pocket money umpiring games of the younger age groups. But we need more. And we need more older umpires.

We have been having trouble getting enough qualified umpires for Umpires for Tournament Play (Districts, Provincials and Canadians). One issue is that many of the player-umpires are in fact playing during Districts and aren't available. Another problem for some is that umpires in Tournament Play are not paid. When some of the more 'mercenary' people hear that, they get less interested. The true Little League umpire recognizes that being selected for Tournament Play is an honour, and our senior umpires foster that pride. The 2015 season is again a challenge for us as we probably will have at least 2 Districts (Major & Junior) running at the same time.

Please, moms and dads and anyone else tuning in, please contact your league about being an umpire next season. They will help you get suited up and trained up!

 2010-03-30: WHAT LEAGUE AM I IN?: We get this question from new Little League families quite a bit. To help answer this question, I have put together a map of the Little League boundaries for District 2 (Ottawa West out to Arnprior) and District 6 (Ottawa East out to Hawkesbury). It's a Google Map, so you can zoom in to your residence and discover which boundary it lies inside. You can click this link or click the "see more here..." link, and find out what your League is, and get its web site address as well. see more here...

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